4 Scenarios Where Power Generation and Utility Operators Must Enable Operational Risk Management

Supervisors and crew in the power generation and utility industries face a balancing act when they go out to the field to perform maintenance, repairs or inspections. Work team safety and productivity are constantly at risk as is the potential for a direct and immediate impact on the public at large.

Yet with risks often managed in different parts of the organization, across different systems, managed by different people - it's difficult to get a clear view of the operational reality. And separately managed processes can lead to safety and risk management gaps, including inconsistent processes with work crews potentially doing things their way.

Operators need to take particular care to manage operational risk during,

  • • Power pole and transformer replacements
  • • Gas line services
  • • Maintenance on boilers, turbines, generators, compressors and pumps
  • • Substation maintenance including isolators, circuit breakers, capacitor banks, lightning arrestors and more

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